RESE — Real Estate Made Easy for All

Product: RESE makes real estate investing as easy as stock investing — own any share of your favorite properties and trade on our marketplace. Our users can buy and sell shares of income-producing real estate assets with less than $100 at a time. They earn money from rent and appreciation without having to worry about paperwork, maintenance, or tenants. We at RESE find, securitize, fractionate, and manage the underlying assets. We connect buyers with sellers and run this real estate marketplace.

Customer: Traditional real estate is for the investment elite only. RESE brings real estate to the flexible small money investor by removing steep investment minimums, long-term capital commitments, and time-consuming property management. We target millennial customers who have some experience with investments but are not yet willing or able to commit large sums of money for longer investment horizons. Our customers like real estate because it is an asset class they are familiar with — tangible, simple, robust. They seek an easy way to find and select attractive properties and build a personalized real estate portfolio.

Competitive Advantage: The RESE app creates a unique opportunity to earn from customized and diversified real estate portfolios. RESE offers maximum control over assets at lowest investment minimums. Successful competitors exist in the rapidly growing field of real estate crowd-investing. However, they neglect the individualistic small money investors by tailoring their offers to accredited investors, selling pre-packaged real estate funds, or omitting the option to sell shares.

2021 Milestones:
September: Finalists at the HBSAA and HGBC pitch competitions
August: Winner at the 2021 PropTech breakthrough awards
August: Prof. Archie Jones joins our advisory board
July: Bukky Boyd becomes our head of marketing
June: Incorporation as a Delaware C Corp
January: Inclusion in the Harvard's iLab venture program

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Jackie invested her first $83 in real estate on the RESE app.